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Mischa Cheap (Dudesweet's Bar)



Born out of boredom of mainstream music control over media, a group of students from Silapakorn University, Chulalongkorn University and Srinakarinwirot University founded Dudesweet in November 2002 to quench their thirst for something different.

From a mobile underground party with rock and punk music at its heart, Dudesweet has developed into a creative ground that breeds and nurtures a new generation of musicians and artists. In the first two years, each Dudesweet party never had more than 80 punters, and the promotional tools—before the arrival of social media—were handing out xeroxed flyers and plastering hand-screened posters around town. Thanks to words of mouth among creative practitioners, Dudesweet became more widespread beyond Bangkok art students in its third year. The stories of this small underground party were traded among fashion designers, artists and musicians, and from 80 revelers, Dudesweet gradually grew.


Nowadays, Dudesweet has been credited as an important part that pushes and supports Thai indie music scene. Many working bands (Slur, Apartmentkhunpa, Sqweez Animal, to name a few) of today had their first chances to be on stage at Dudesweet.

From 2010 onwards, Dudesweet has diversified to take on various musical projects but still maintains to blend arts and music harmoniously. Dudesweet has been involved in the productions of short movies, fashion shows, publishings and art exhibitions to expand its creative horizons. Dudesweet co organised a nationwide art student competition with Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA Bangkok), and has always been trusted to work with major music festivals and cultural organizations in Thailand. It is the only party that has been wholeheartedly accepted by the local fashion industry.

Dudesweet has also collaborated with leading, art-oriented products to break new creative grounds from importing international bands and deejays, pushing local artists onto international scene to disseminating Thai contemporary cultures.


Now in its 15th year, Dudesweet is still relentlessly moving forwards with the same sets of beliefs since its first days that it is a space for all kinds of arts and creativity.

-November, 2015





Here's a list of the acts that we have had on the Dudesweet Stage so far



The Adulteres
Alec Orachi

Anatomy Rabbit

Assajan Jakawan


Bomb at Track

The Bitchy Agents


Common People Like You

Cyndi Seui

Daniel Ryn
The Darlings

Desktop Error
The Diet Pills
Eastboud Downers

Fukking Hero


The Girl's Friend from Internet

The Jukks

Gene Kasidit


Hard Boy

Hin Lek Fai


Jelly Rockets


Karen K

The Keylookz

Kitsch Cat

Kea Pure Punk

Licensed 2 Kill

Lokee Redlight

The Midgets
Marilyn Sucking Nancy


Monkey Business


Noi Pru



Part Time Musicians

Penny Time

Phum Viphurit



Rap Ake

Safe Planet

Saliva Bastards

Samurai Loud
Scumble Halloween



Sqweez Animal

Stylish Nonsense

Super Beer Garden

Two Million Thank

Two Pee
VJ Jarvis


Yellow Fang

The Yers
Yokee Playboy

Yui Saowakhon

22 Bullets



AC Slater (US)

Babyshambles (DJ set) (UK)

Chicks on Speed (DJ set) (DE)

Citizens! (UK)

The Deckpackers (DE)

Dre Skull (US)

Drums of Death (UK)

Dr. Usui (JP)

The Filthy Dukes (UK)

G.L.O.V.E.S. (AUS)

Goldfish (MY)

Guns 'N Bombs (US)

Hatchmatik (CA)

The Halloways (DJ Set) (UK)

Hot Chip (DJ Set) (UK)

How to Dress Well (US)

Jonas Dept (BE)

Ladytron (DJ Set) (UK)

Lap Zap (SG)

Momokomotion (JP)

Peace (UK)

DJ Ruben Woo (Ladytron) (UK)

The Radio Dept (SWE)

Shitdisco (UK)

Sibling Rivalry (US)

Spiller (IT)

Splashh (UK)

Swim Deep (UK)

Test Icicles (UK)

The Rakes (UK)

The Rubens (US)

The Vaccines (UK)

To My Boy (UK)Toxic Chicken (FR)
VHS Or Beta (DJ Set) (US)

Xu Twilight Action Girl (MY)


Bee (Futon)

Boo (Slur)



Dome Pakorn



Khun Na

Leena Galaxy

Mae Happyair

Maftsai (Zudrangma)


Martian Child

May-T (Moderndog)

Monster P


Nolens Volens

Nu-Rat The Lover Gal





Prabda Yoon

Song (Paradox)



The Panlert Twins

Tul (Apartmentkhunpa)



15 June: Mischa Cheap Three-Weeks-Pop-Up Bar. Venue TBA



14 Jan: Mischa Cheap Khaosan Road Closing Party

2023 (Daily parties at Mischa Cheap)
Selected 2023 events
4 Feb: Dudesweet Y2K at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.
25 Feb: Dudesweet at Mischa Cheap

11 March: Dudesweet at Mischa Cheap

14 July: The Strokes party at Mischa Cheap
15 Sept: Silpakorn University Party at Mischa Cheap

2022 (Daily parties at Mischa Cheap)
Selected 2022 events
10 June: Dudesweet "Back to School" feat. VJ Jarvis at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.
29 July: Dudesweet "Generation X" at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.
19 Aug: Dudesweet "Generation MySpace" at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.

1 Oct: Khaosan 90s Rave Party at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.
22 Oct: Y2K Party at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.9 Nov

9 Nov: Dudesweet 20th Anniversary (small party) at Mischa Cheap, Khaosan Rd.
31 Dec: Dudesweet Countdown at Mischa Cheap



Fuck Covid
9 Dec: Mischa Cheap Khaosan Road Launch Party


14 Feb : Dudesweet x Highland "Legal Love" at Whiteline, Silom 8

March-June: FUCK COVID!
July-Sept : Mischa Cheap, a pop-up bar by Dudesweet at Ari Soi 4 (North)
29 Aug : Mischa Cheap Fashion Week at Ari Soi 4

4 Sept : Dudesweet Live at The Rock Pub, Ratchatewi
16 Oct: Dudesweet 90s Art School at Whiteline, Silom 8
28 Nov: Dudesweet at Koh Phayam, Ranong

31 Dec: New Year Party and Mischa Cheap closing party at Mischa Cheap, Ari Soi 4 North


1 Mar : Vote Dudesweet at Whiteline, Silom 8. Feat. DJ Leena Galaxy

29 Mar : OMG! Thailand is Great Again. Feat. DJ Leena Galaxy and Nu-Rat the Lover Gal at Whiteline, Silom 8

19 Jul : Dudesweet at 12×12, Soi Thararom 2, Thong Lo
2 Nov : 17th Anniversary at Whiteline, Silom 8. Feat. DYGL (JPN)
31 Dec: DS Countdown at Helipad, River City



27 Jan : Dudesweet Tour at Union Bar, Yangon, Myanmar

3 Feb : Dudesweet at Bangkok Design Week 2018, TCDC

16 Mar : Dudesweet 1997 at Whiteline, Silom 8

23 Jun : Dudesweet for Yangon’s Fete de La Musique, Union Bar, Yangon, Myanmar

8 Jul : YED Talks at LGBT Film Festival, Bangkok Screening Room

17 Aug : Do You Still Have Rock ‘n Roll in You?, Baan Bar, Soi Rangnam

3 Nov : Club Culture & Astra Revisit at Whiteline, Silom 8



24-25 Feb : Wondertoots at Tapas, Silom 4 and T.Rex, Thong Lo 14

17 Mar : Dudespotting at T.Rex, Thong Lo 14

31 Mar : Dudesweet Live at Whiteline, Silom 8

31 May : Dudesweet at Beam Club, Thong Lo

1 Jul : YED Talks #01 at Chang Chui and Pump Up the Slow Jam #05 at Whiteline, Silom 8

14 Jul : Splashh Live in Bangkok at Play Yard, Ladpraw 8

27 Aug : YED Talks #02 at Chang Chui

18 Nov : Dudesweet for Sangsom ‘The North Fullmoon Party” at Chiang Mai

9 Dec : YED Talks x Heineken at Warehouse 30

15 Dec : Converse “Forever Chuck” Party x Dudesweet 15th Anniversary at Soi Nana, China Town

22-23 Dec : ABSOLUT x Boon Lert Vilai at Super Pussy, Patpong



10 Jan -21 Feb : Dudesweet with Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok (MOCA Bangkok) present AFFA Finalist Exhibition

13 Jan : Good Night Mr. Bowie. David Bowie tribute party at Tapas, Silom Soi 4

16 Jan : Education? No, Thanks at Tapas, Silom Soi 4

6 Feb : Bitch, We Are Madonna at Tapas, Silom Soi 4

26 Mar : Dudesweet x Go Grrls for WOOBAR party on the boat, Chao Phraya River

1 Apr : Dudesweet New Year 1998 at Tapas, Silom 4

30 Ap : Hit My Up On MySpace at Tapas, Silom 4

27 May : Radiohead x The Smiths at Third World Bar, Silom 4

24 Jun : Dudesweet Conjuring at Third World Bar, Silom 4

19 Aug : Dudesweet at T. Rex, Thonglor 14
16 Sep : Dudesweet at T. Rex, Thonglor 14

16 Dec : Dudesweet 1999 at Whiteline, Silom 8

29 Dec : Music Never Dies: Music from rockers we’ve lost in 2016



17 Feb : How to Dress Well Live in Bangkok sponsored by Siam Center and Missile

20 Feb : Dudesweet Country at Siam Center

19 Mar : Dudesweet x Next to Normal “The Solay System Tour” at Groove, CTW

4 Apr  : Playhound x Dudesweet “Playhound Art School”Episode 1 feat. Paradox at 10th Fl., Foodland Building, Sukhumvit 16

30 Apr : Charity party to help Nepal at Dark Bar, Ekkamai 10

22 May : Playhound x Dudesweet “Playhound Art School” Episode 2 feat. Southside. Mongkol Studio, RCA

17 Oct : Dudesweet for Tapas (Silom Soi 4) Re-Launch

13 Nov : 13th Anniversary at White Line, Silom Soi 8. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka

20 Nov : Dudesweet Zoo at Tapas, Silom Soi 4

4 Dec : Dudesweet Airlines at Tapas, Silom Soi 4

25-26 Dec : Wondertoots Festival at Tapas, Silom Soi 4



17 January : Sensation--Unlock the Last Heineken Platinum Deck Party by Dudesweet at LED Club, RCA

7 February : Swim Deep live in Bangkok at Mongkol Studio, RCA
7 March : “What a Lot of Parties?!” at Cosmic Cafe, RCA

14 June - 30 July : “Ungrateful Records” a painting exhibition by Pongsuang Note at WTF Gallery

1 August : “100,000 Calories Party” with Samsung Gear Fit and Damn Magazine, Wine Bibber, Ekkamai Soi 2

8 August : Dudesweet x Converse Party, Soy Sauce Factory

7-21 September : Dudesweet with Museum of Contemporary Art Bangkok (MOCA Bangkok) present AFFA Finalist Exhibition

7 September : Art Forward Fund Award (AFFA) Gala Dinner at The Royal Ballroom, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

7 November : 12th Anniversary at 10th Fl., Foodland Building, Sukhumvit 16

31 December : H.N.Y.I.L.U. A Charity New Year Countdown Party at 10th Fl., Foodland Building, Sukhumvit 16


12 Jan  : The Vaccines (UK) live in Bangkok with The Rubens (AUS). Moonstar Studio

1 Mar : VOTE DUDESWEET at Sonic, Ekkamai. With video art by Chutarat Pornmuneesoonthorn, Kornkrit Jianpinidnan

8 Mar : Ladytron DJ Set (Reuben Wu) at Badmotel, Thong Lor with Superzaap.

24 Mar : Bloc Party Live In Bangkok after show party at BCC, Central Ladprao

17 May : Dudesweet at Cosmic Cafe, RCA

8 Jun : “Gatsby Who?” at Long Table, Sukhumvit 16. sponsored by Absolut EYLX

5 Jul : Dudesweet at Cosmic Cafe, RCA
7 Aug : Peace Live in Bangkok at Sonic, Ekkamai

30 Aug : Dudesweet for Bed Supperclub closing party, Bed Supperclub

4 Oct : ‘Glow in the Dark’ at Cosmic Cafe. Feat. Glow in the painting byAnmom

29 Oct : The Converse Party, The Jam Factory, Klongsan feat. The Jukks and Quay Records

9 Dec :  11th Anniversary at Cloud 47, Silom Rd. Feat. Moderndog. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka

31 Dec : New Year Party at Absolut Artelier, 49th Fl., Column Tower, Sukhumvit 16



4 Feb : 9th Anniversary at Sonic, Ekkamai. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka

23 Mar : Dudesweet X URFACE Collection Launch Party at WTF Bar & Gallery and Fish, RCA

27 Apr : “This way Up” Dudesweet X R.O.C.K. at 75th Fl. Baiyoke Sky Hotel sponsored by 42Below Vodka

25 May : “I’m Not Your Little Monster. Duh”. A party for those who find Gaga is annoying. Sonic, Ekkamai

1 Sep : Nonsensation at Sonic, Ekkamai 

20 Oct : Theoddyssee x Dudesweet. Autumn-Winter 2012 fashion show and party at Studio 61

9 Nov : 10th Anniversary at Sonic, Ekkamai

4 Dec : Citizens! Live in Bangkok at Zen Gallery, Central World.

6 Dec : Dudesweet Pop-Up Dinner at Opposite, Sukhumvit 5

19 Dec : Dudesweet x Theoddyssee Art Talk with Elmgreen & Dragset atChulalongkorn University



28 Jan : Dudesweet in Singapore, Loof, Singapore

11 Feb : The Deckpackers at 808, RCA. Visuals by O-Teerawat

18 Mar : Cyndi Seui live DJ Set at 808, RCA

23 Apr : Dudesweet at Mixx, Inercontinental Hotel. Sponsored by Absolut Vodka

24 Apr : Dudesweet Movie “The Rock ‘N Roll Life of The Jenny & Her Army” Premiere on Dudesweet YouTube

17 Jun : Free Dudesweet at LED Club, RCA

22 Jul : Dudesweet x Playhound for Nokia X7 Party at Scala Theatre, Siam Square

20 Aug : Dragsweet “Royal Wedding” at LED Club, RCA

9 Sep : Dudesweet for ‘FISH’ club launch, Cosmic Cafe, RCA

30 Sep : Dudesweet for ‘SUHARIT‘ album launch, LED Club, RCA

8 Oct : Dudesweet with CMYK & Trasher for Thailand Flood Relief Charity Party, LED Club, RCA

7 Dec : Ladytron Live in Bangkok at LED Club, RCA. Sponsored by 42Below Vodka.

24 Dec : XOXOXMAS party at Sonic, Ekkamai



20 Jan : Charity party for Haiti, 808, RCA

30 Jan : DCulture One Dance Festival, BITEC Bangna

6 Feb : Big Mountain Music Festival, Kao Yai, Korat

26 Feb : Dance Yup! at 808, RCA

5 Mar : Pet Shop Boys Night at Wong’s Place, Sathorn Soi

12 Apr: “Dance Yup! Part#2” at Toys, RCA. Sponsored by Tiger Beer

23 Apr : “Delicious” at Toys, RCA. Sponsored by Heineken and See Fah Restuarant

7 May : Mini Dudesweet: R.E.M. Nite at Wong’s Place, Sathorn Soi 1. 

29 Ma : “Fix Bangkok” Fund raising party for the victims of the recent political clashes in Bangkok.

9 Jul : Dudesweet at 808, RCA

17 Jul : Dragsweet Dragnite “High Voltage” at Fallabella, Rachadamri Rd.

13 Aug : Dudesweet at New Club Culture, Rachadamneoun Rd.

4 Sep : Dudesweet & Tiger Beer Series: Dudesweet at 808, RCA. Feat. Southside

2 Oct : Dudesweet & Tiger Beer Series: Dudesweet at Route 66, RCA. Hosted by Pengii

7 Oct : Dudesweet & Tiger Beer Series: “Nocturne” Photography exhibition by Pengii & Peduckk at WTF Gallery, Sukhumvit 51

13 Oct : Dudesweet & Tiger Beer Series: Party at WTF Gallery feat. DJ Van (Thai Beatbox). 


Godard’s Week (Film screenings at Alliance Francaise , BKK)

16 Nov: 7.30pm JLG/JLG – self-portrait in December

18 Nov : Godard’s Week: Godard Party at Happy Mondays

20 Nov : 7.30pm Pierrot le fou

21 Nov : 3pm Prenom Carmen, 7.30pm A Bout de Souffle (Breathless)


20 Nov : Dudesweet X So::ON Dry Flower for Bangkok Design Festival 2010

11 Dec : Dudesweet at Big Mountain Music Festival, Kao Yai, Korat.

27 Dec : 8th Anniversary at Club Culture



16-18 Jan : Dudesweet, Alliance Francaise de Bangkok and French Embassy present the first “Hiver d’Amour”. A winter outdoor film screenings weekend.

31 Jan : Culture One Dance Festival, BITEC Bangna. Feat. AC SlaterGoldfishLap SapThe Diet Pills and Gene Kasidit. 

6 Feb : “Dressed to get Screwed” at Toys, RCA. Feat. Yellow Fang

13 Mar : “Art School Confidential” at Club Culture. Visulas by O-Teerawat. Movie by Sretsis.

20 Mar : Twilight Actiongirl VS Dudesweet at Barsonic, Zouk, KL

4 Apr : “Xerox Youth”at 808, RCA

15 May : Dudesweet 2.0 at 808, RCA

5 Jun : Shitdisco DJ Set at 808, RCA

11 Jul : Dragsweet 09 “Drag Me Across the Univers” at Club Culture

7 Aug : “Vocabulary” at 808, RCA
5 Sep : “For the First Time In Three Years Dudesweet Is Back To Indie Rock Again Which We Did Very Well”. At 808, RCA
25 Sep : The Smiths Night at Wong’s Place, Sathorn Soi 1

30 Oct : Halloween Party at 808, RCA

19 Dec : Gene Kasidit “Affairs” Album Launch. Supported by Toxic Chicketn(UK) at 808, RCA. Sponsored by Smirnoff

31 Dec : NYE Party at Wong’s Place, Sathorn Soi 1



19 Jan : Culture-One Dance Festival, BITEC, Bangna. Feat. The Filthy DukesTwilight Action Girl, Cyndi SeuiSlur, DJ Dome Pakorn Lam

8 Mar : Dudesweet with Stolichnaya “The Rusian Declaration”, 808, RCA

5 Apr: Babyshambles DJ Set Feat. Adam Ficek at Club Culture

26 Apr : Lullabar Festival 08. Part 1: Party at 808, RCA

2 May : Lullabar Festival 08. Part 2: Party at Groove, Thong Lor

18 May : Benefit party for Cyclone Nargis survivors at Club Culture

31 May : VHS or Beta (DJ Set), Singha (Sqweez Animal), Club Culture

27 Jun : Dudesweet is Dead808, RCA

2 Jul : Dudesweet for Bang-Mi, Maison Club, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

18 Jul : Dragsweet 08 at Club Culture

25 Jul : Dudesweet for Ballantine’s “B Society” The Rakes live in BKK at Siam Society, Asoke

15 Aug : Dudesweet for Ballantine’s “B Society” Guns N Bombs DJ Set at Bangkok Boxing Stadium

5 Sep- 10 Oct : Dudesweet for Ballantine’s “B Society” Elmgreen & Dragset installation at Hua Lampong Train Station

10 Sep : Dudesweet & their KL friends, Cloth & Clef, KL, Malaysia

7 Nov : Dudesweet & The British Council presents “Beefeater’s Out of Control” Feat. Stylish Nonsense, The Girl’s Friend from Internet at at Club Culture

10 Oct : DJ Hatchmatik, 808, RCA

21 Nov : Dudesweet 6th Anniversary. Feat; Dre Skull (NY), G.L.O.V.E.S. (Aus), Gene Kasidit. Visuals by O-Teerawat ElectrobacillusClub Culture


6 Feb : Dudesweet Weekly: ‘Guilty Pleasures’, at Barber, Lungsuan

24 Feb : Dudesweet Weekely: ‘RCKSTRDJs’, Barber, Lungsuan

2 Mar : Dudesweet Weekely: ‘INDIETRONICA’, Luminous, Silom Soi 4

17 Mar : Dudesweet for Bangkok International Fashion Week (BIFF) After Party, Siam Paragon

30 Mar : Chicks on Speed DJ set feat. Alex Murray-Leslie, Club Culture. Sponsored by Singha Light Beer

7 April : Astra & Dudesweet present ASTRA (RIP) at Astra, RCA
4 May : “Dudesqweez” featuring Sqweez Animal and Assajan Jakgawan, Club Culture

6 May : Dudesweet in Chiang Mai. Sponsored by Smirnoff

21 Jul : Dudesweet is a Drag, Club Culture

3 Aug : Dudesweet for Lullabar Fest 07 (pt 1.), Jazz It, RCA

4 Aug : Lullabar Fest 07 (pt 2.), Club Culture

7 Sep : Dudesweet for Tiger Translate at Astra, RCA

6 Oct : Dudesweet for Smirnoff “Who the Hell was Mr. Gatsby”, Circle, Ruamrudee

21 Oct : “Bad Taste”, Fashion Week After Party, Club Culture

9 Nov : Dudesweet Dance School, Club Culture

7 Dec : Dudesweet’s 5th Anniversary. Feat. To My Boy, The Bitchy Agents, Club Culture

21 Dec : Dudesweet for BFS (Bangkok Fashion Society) Party, Fallabella, Rachadamri Rd.



4 Jan : Dudesweet at Kathmandu, G’s Terrace, Kathmandu, Nepal
11 Feb : Dudesweet On Speed, Speed, Silom soi 4. Feat. DJ Montonn

11 Mar : Frog and The Halloways DJ Set at Astra, RCA

20 May : Astra & Dudesweet present DJ Spiller, Astra, RCA

27 May : Ladytron DJ Set (Reuben Wu),Time Out, RCA

17 Jun : “Dudesweet 1997”, Astra, RCA

14 Jul : Dudesweet Live,Jazz It, RCA

18 Jul : DS’s Club Professionals launch, Cafe De Moc

5 Aug : “Guilty Pleasures” at Astra, RCA

10 Aug : Dudesweet Meets Sretsis at Bed Supper Club

9 Sep : Dudesweet for BFS Party, Greyhound Cafe, Siam Centre

15 Sep : SUPERSWEET Launch Party (again!) Featuring Ratattagg Live & DJ Set, Astra, RCA

4 Oct : Evening with Dj Wassana Weerachartplee and Futon Album Pre-Launch at Astra, RCA
4 Nov : Dudesweet for Elle Fashion Week After Party for FordFocus, Central World

11 Nov : Dudesweet for Flynow new shop opening, Flynow Boutique, Central World

12 Nov : Shitdisco Live at Fat Festival
16 Nov: Shitdisco Live at Jazz It, RCA

18 Nov : Dudesweet with Volcom Astra, RCA. Feat. Shitdisco (DJ Set)

1 Dec : 4th Anniversary Feat. Hot Chip DJ Set and Apartmentkhunpa at Astra, RCA. Sponsored by Tiger Bee

31 Dec : Benefit New Year Party at Jazz It, RCA



9 Jan: “Bless The South” Concert, a benefit gig to help raise money for the Tsunami Foundation

12 Feb : Dudesweet at Asoke Bar

2 Apr : SUPERSWEET Launch Party (again): “Messed Up” at Spoon, HSBC Building

11 Jun : Dudesweet & The British Council "ClubTUK TUK" Party, Astra. Sponsored by The British Council

18 Jun : Fete de la Musique 2005, Santichaiprakan Park, Pra Arthid Road

5 Aug : 2 Parties In 1 Night (Astra and Room Service, RCA)

16 Sep : “I Rock, Therefore I Am”, Zurich, Langsuan

7 Oct :  Franz Ferdinand Album Launch, Spoon, HSBC Build.

11 Nov : 3rd Anniversary at Astra, RCA. Featuring Futon, Saliva Bastard and photography exhibition by Kornkrit Jianpinitnan

9 Dec : “Prom Night, Class of 2005”,Astra, RCA

25 Dec : “Academic” with Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University



24 Jan : Dudesweet with Sony Music 'The Last Saturday Night' featuring Suede DJ Set Feat. Simon Gilbert. Visuals by by Normal, Asoke Bar
2 Apr : 'I wanna take you to a gay bar', Happen Bar, Silom Soi 2 and the launch of SUPERSWEET magazine
4 May: PEeace & Love, Asoke Bar (RIP)
9 Jun : Dudesweet Live #2, a music contest supported by French Embassy
19 Jun : Fete de la Musique 2004, Santichaiprakan Park, Pra Arthid Rd.
3 Sep : DSLDN at Pink Harem, London in association with SUPERSWEET
11 Sep : Lullabar's Anniversary, Lullabar Kok-Wua
25 Sep : Dudesweet International at Peer Share, Eakamai Soi 7 with 4 new bands and slide show by Pansiri Siriwechapan and Kornkrit Jianpinitnun.
22 Oct : 2nd anniversary at Code, RCA
29 Oct : Dudesweet in Tokyo. at Soi Music Festival, Super Deluxe, Tokyo
13 Nov : Dudesweet's Fashion Week After Party, Code, RCA
18 Dec : 'Elctricity' feat. DJ Nor, Spoon, HSBC Build.
29 Dec : Dudesweet with Rehab, Bed Supper Club



7 Feb : Party & a photography exhibition by Kornkrit Jianpinitnun, Gig Groceries, Sukhumvit 16

28 Mar : “Go!”, abandoned restaurant, Eakamai 21 with a painting exhibition by Porntape Chitpong

24 May : Dudesweet Live, Alliance Francaise. Supported by SODA

24 May : Party at White Bar, Silom Soi 4

7 Jun : The launch of Thailand’s first ‘Fete de la Musique’ in collaboration with the French Embassy and Alliance Francaise at Santichiprakan Park, Pra-Arthid Road.

6 Aug : Party at Asoke Bar. Featuring DJ Tul Apartment Khunpa
Sep: ‘New wave and New Order’ Party at Asoke Bar. Feat. DJ Bee Futon
Nov : The Strokes “ROOM on Fire’” Launch party, Peer Share, Eakamai. Visuals by Normal

Dec : “Tied in the Nineties” An acoustic party with 5 up-and-coming indie bands at Lullabar



9 Nov : First Dudesweet party at abandon restuarant on 2nd Fl, Bayon Building, Kaosarn Road Supported by SODA
14 Dec : Performance art party featuring 5 new artists, About Cafe
24 Dec : Dudesweet at Red Bull Bar, World Trade Center (Central World)

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